Best 4 Exercises for Big Triceps

 4 Exercises to Make Your Triceps Huge

Any guy who is into bodybuilding wants big guns, you can work on your biceps all you want, but triceps are the muscle that will make your arms look big.

Implementing these 4 exercises for big triceps will help you pack on an incredible amount of size and make your arms look huge.


Anatomy of the triceps

The anatomical name of the triceps muscle is the “triceps brachii“, it is composed of three heads that include the lateral, medial, and long heads, these heads are responsible for connecting the humerus and scapula to the forearm bone that is called the ulna.

In order for maximum muscle development, it is important to perform exercises that hit all three heads of the triceps to make them grow.

Triceps Anatomy

In the past, old school bodybuilders use to train triceps on the same day they trained chest, many bodybuilders still believe in this old-school technique, while this may work for some, training triceps on the same day you train chest is not a good idea because it does not let you maximize “overload” the triceps for maximum size gains.

Training triceps on a day when they have not been worked out is best, this will ensure maximum benefits letting you lift heavy weight so you can train them to failure and make them grow.

Close grip barbell bench press

This is an all-time favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the close grip barbell press is a great exercise that will let you lift a considerable amount of weight to help you build big triceps.

This exercise can be performed on a flat bench,  in order to hit the triceps at different angles you can implement this exercise at an incline or decline to adjust the bench in a range of 10-25 degrees.

Close grip bench press

When performing this exercise try using slow controlled movements, making sure you don't lock your arms out, this will ensure you are applying constant tension.

I personally like to place my hands as close together as I can to the center of the bar, however, the recommended separation is around 13 inches. This exercise can be performed with a straight bar or an easy curl bar.


Dips are not an easy exercise for many, and therefore is not a big favorite among some bodybuilders. Dips are an exercise that works all three heads of the triceps at once.

When performing dips to target the triceps muscles you need to be in an upright position, otherwise, you will also target the chest “pectoral muscles”, leaning forward is a common mistake that many make.

dips for triceps
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When performing this exercise it is important to come down as far as you can until your biceps meet the forearm, this is essential to get a full stretch out of the exercise.

I prefer to do this exercise at the beginning of my routine mainly because I have plenty of strength to ensure proper form.

Lying Barbell or dumbbell triceps extension

This exercise is great for gaining mass, some prefer using dumbells, using a barbell you can go pretty heavy, for some this can be painful on the elbows which is why you should warm up properly and use moderate weight and gradually increase the weight.

Lying barbell extensions hit all three heads of the triceps and lets you really focus and squeeze on this exercise.

Lying tricep extension

Tricep pushdowns

This exercise has been used by bodybuilders for decades, it is proven to deliver results, one important thing to do with this exercise is to not let your elbows move forward, this happens when trying to move to much weight.

Proper form with this exercise is essential, a proper movement should be with elbows tucked against the torso, this exercise isolates the medial and outer heads of the triceps.

You can vary the grip with this exercise using a normal grip with “palms facing down” and also using a reverse grip with palms “facing up”.


This exercise can be performed using a rope, straight bar, and V Bar, you can vary the angle, so like with any exercise try a different variant every time you train triceps, this will ensure you are consistently shocking the muscle with different variations and movements.


These 4 exercises for big triceps have been used by many famous bodybuilders for decades and are proven to make your triceps huge, just remember to follow up your training with proper nutrition to ensure you get enough protein to maximize muscle growth.

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