9 Benefits of Getting Shredded

 Is Getting Vascular and Shredded Worth It?

Getting a ripped and shredded physique is easier said than done, it can make you feel weak, irritable, and after just a few weeks you may be asking yourself is it really worth it?

Well, it is.

In this article, I will tell you about 9 benefits of getting shredded and why you should try it at least once in your lifetime.

In spite of the hard work, a cutting cycle is one of the best things men can do to show off all that hard-earned muscle, plus you will feel better and look incredible.

Below are some of the things you can expect from getting shredded.

9 Benefits of Getting Shredded - Ripped Bodybuilder Posing

1. Your Abs will Look Phenomenol

Abs look great and we have all heard the term six pack abs, men will kill to get them and women think they are sexy.

No doubt, they do look great and there is nothing more rewarding than showing them off at the pool or beach. There is nothing that turns women on more than a ripped and chiseled guy with incredible looking abs.

Why six pack abs standout?

90% of the people out there don't have them, the ones that do know what it takes to get them. Lean abs equal self-discipline and a lot of effort on your part to achieve them, women love em. If you can get to that 8-10% body fat threshold you've got it made.

And speaking of attraction…

2. Getting Shredded Can Translate Into Kick-Ass Sex

A man who shreds has a bigger sperm count, more stamina, and more testosterone. Shredding gives men a body that endures longer in the sack. Whoever you are, your performance with your partner will be nothing short of amazing after getting shredded.

Consequently, and scientifically speaking, a lean body is more attractive sexually to an everyday person. After shredding, you will be both envied and desired, and that’s a damn good feeling to have.

Getting shredded goes beyond a sexy body and better sex, it also makes your penis bigger, yep, what guy doesn't want a bigger penis?

What most guys don't realize is that getting shredded eliminates excess fat from the pelvis area and exposes more of your penis. Less fat means stronger and harder erections making your penis bigger and longer.

3. Working Out Increases Collagen Production

Believe it or not, getting lean will give you nice looking skin.

The more you work out (and properly cut), the better your skin will be. Yes, it can get better. The more you exercise the more collagen your body produces.

Men, you’ll be surprised to know that women adore guys with healthy skin. It’s a silent bonus to go along with your new biceps. She will be all over your lean body, and soft skin-on-skin feels amazing.

4. An Amazing Face

While the science of attraction is not easy to predict, Most women prefer a lean, thin face with more of a bone structure peeping through.

So, boys, you’ll look far more manly with a square jaw and strong facial features.

Getting shredded will give you that strong predominant jawline and give you that masculine Clint Eastwood look that women love.

5. Testosterone Levels Increase

More fat tends to convert testosterone into estrogen. The more ripped and shredded you are the less estrogen your body will produce. More testosterone offers men several benefits including increased sex drive, stronger erections, and the ability to maintain lean muscle.

6. Corporate Sponsorship/Business Opportunities

Getting ripped and chiseled can open up many doors of opportunity The first one may be that you want to go into professional bodybuilding or start a fitness YouTube channel.

If bodybuilding or your own YouTube channel is not your passion there are still other benefits.

Looking ripped and shredded leaves lasting first-time impressions and may make it easier for you to land your dream job. Not only are you more confident about yourself you can dress to impress and look good in anything you wear.

Image of Success

7. Save Some Money

A quality combo of shredding and cutting can help you with a different kind of cutting. Namely, cutting your budget in half.

Eating less and exercising more allows you to save money on food and invest in different ventures.

You will also get yourself used to eating less and maintaining a slim, toned figure. Imagine not buying bigger suits ever again?! How amazing and budget-friendly is that?

8. Cheat Meals Taste Incredible

Yes, one of the best things you get to look forward too when cutting is a cheat meal now and then. But imagine eating as much as you want and not feeling a bit of guilt?

Depriving yourself of the foods you love during a cutting cycle can be torture, you crave everything.

A cheat meal during a cutting cycle is something that everyone should be entitled to now and then.

After weeks of hard work, you deserve it. Regardless of the cheat meal, be it your favorite ice cream, pizza, or burger, everything tastes so much better and every bite tastes like heaven.

Italian Pizza

9. You Will Look Bigger

This is pretty self-explanatory. Getting shredded gives you a slimmer waist, which makes your chest and shoulders stand out.

Getting shredded gives you the perfect symmetry and V Taper so your muscles look bigger. Not only will you look great, depending on how much body fat you lose your muscles will look insanely hard and vascular.

Some Might Call You Vain (They're just jealous)

There are a lot of people that will be critical of someone with a ripped and shredded physique, some may call it obsessive, the truth is, getting lean and shredded takes hard work and sacrifice, most of the criticism you get from others is nothing more than jealousy.

Most men are not willing to put in the work and effort it takes to get the perfect physique.

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