Androgen Receptors and Legal Steroids

Do Legal Steroids Stimulate Androgen Receptors?

There has been a lot of trash talk on the net doubting the effectiveness of legal steroids. Over the last several decades I have experimented around with anabolic steroids, supplements, and prohormones.

I can honestly say that if you train smart you can achieve decent muscle gains regardless of what you use.

As a bodybuilder, I know that every performance-enhancing supplement or drug works, the problem is that many men will not get the desired results because they are not training properly or taking the right supplements.

The information in this article can be used by anyone who has been lifting weights for at least 3 months. Before we go any further, to kick start the muscle building process you should already be following a good diet plan.

I am not going to tell you to eat 5 meals a day like an IFBB pro, but what I will tell you is that you should be getting a lot of lean protein, good carbs, and vitamin-rich green veggies. Eating right is one of the most important things you can do to pack on muscle.

Training is the next important step to gaining muscle

If you go to the gym long enough, you will notice a lot of guys that train with the same routine day in and day out. Unfortunately, the results reflect their training routine. To gain muscle, it is important to stick with exercises that target compound muscle groups like back, chest, and legs.

Compound exercises are a must for gaining muscle mass, to maximize your muscle gains you should implement the following exercises:

  • Deadlifts a must-have staple when you train back
  • Barbell rows will help you build a massive back while hitting the upper lats
  • Squats are a must if you want to build massive legs don't believe me ask Tom Platz
  • Stiff leg deadlifts a must exercise for hamstrings
  • The bench press is a staple for a massive chest

A common question asked by many is how do I increase my bench?

Any pro bodybuilder or strongman will tell you, deadlifts and squats target the core muscle groups that build strength and muscle.

If you deadlift and squat heavy your bench press will also increase.

Stimulating androgen receptors will help you gain muscle

Androgens were discovered back in the 1930s, since then they have become the foundation for creating anabolic steroids.

It took 45 years after androgens were discovered before scientists discovered the androgen receptors in the muscles.

IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson

How androgen receptors work

Androgen receptors are located in the muscle tissue, they are activated when DHT and testosterone bind to them.

When androgen receptors in the muscle become active, it causes a direct effect on the muscle fibers, when this happens the androgen receptor will interact with proteins which results in muscle growth.

Androgenic graph

Everyone has a certain amount of androgen receptors, that amount will vary due to several factors which include current muscle mass, kinds of muscle fibers present, and activity level.

IGF-1 is one of the most abundant anabolic hormones in the body.

High levels of testosterone help boost the IGF-1 hormone.

It has been scientifically proven that the number of androgen receptors in the body has an impact on how well performance-enhancing supplements (legal steroids will work).

Strength training helps increase type-II muscle fibers which make more androgen receptors available.

Legal Steroids Can Help Boost IGF-1

If you are training for size, the more androgen receptors you stimulate the more muscle you will gain.

Legal steroids have the right amount of ingredients that help mimic testosterone production, this helps to boost IGF-1 levels that your body needs to create a higher anabolic effect which equals more muscle gains.

Improve protein synthesis

Protein is important for increasing muscle mass.

The biggest problem men face when trying to gain muscle is protein absorption (protein synthesis).

Legal steroids make sure that the protein you consume is absorbed quickly by the muscles for maximum gains.

What to expect from a legal steroid

Legal steroids work fast, if you are already on a strict training regimen, you can expect the best gains to happen within the first 30 days.

Just like anabolic steroids, your first cycle is the best, you can expect the same result from a legal steroid.

What legal steroid cycle works best?

For best results, a legal steroid made specifically for bulking is the best for increasing testosterone and IGF-1. For best results a 30-day cycle is recommended, this is when you will see the best results, to maintain maximum anabolic activity I recommend resting for 30 days and then repeat the cycle as needed.


Most men will benefit from taking a legal steroid, while genetics do play an important role in how much muscle you can gain, they also speed up how fast androgenic receptors are activated.

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