Best Cutting Tips for Bodybuilders

Best Ways to Get Shredded

Summer comes but once a year and if you are someone wanting to look good at the beach or with your shirt of, you are not alone. Getting lean does not have to be painful.

It will take some work, but if you set your mind to it you can make it through a cutting cycle with ease. In this article, I will share some of the best cutting tips for bodybuilders so you can get lean shredded in no time.

Best Cutting Tips for Bodybuilders - Male and Female Bodybuilder Posing

Cutting is not a phase where you can just quit everything and say. I'm going to get shredded, it takes determination and willpower. What is important is to keep your eye on the prize. There are many benefits to getting lean, your muscles look bigger and you will achieve that v taper body. If you do things right will have a chiseled body and great looking abs.

Below some of the best cutting tips for bodybuilders.

Cook Your Own Meals

Preparing your food at home is the best way to start your cutting cycle. This way you know what goes into your food and you can prepare meals with healthy ingredients.

Most pre-cooked meals are loaded with sugar, sodium, and hydrogenated oils. Making your meals at home is the best thing you can do. This way you know whats in your food. It also allows you to prepare your food ahead of time so you can take it with you to work or school, this will reduce the risk of cheating or eating the wrong foods.

Chicken and Veggies Meal

Avoid Complex Carbs and Sugars

The first thing you should eliminate from your diet is complex carbs and sugars. Things like sodas, sweets, alcohol, and chips should be immediately eliminated from your diet.  Sugary foods will give you a boost of energy, unfortunately, what your body does not immediately burn is stored as fat. The cleaner you eat the quicker you will reach your goals.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is not all bad, it helps give you an energy boost an increase mental focus, too much caffeine will also speed up your metabolism and cause you to crave certain foods that can cause you to cheat, so try to keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum.

Reduce or Eliminate  Hydrogenated Oil From Your Diet

Most of the oils you find in processed foods are hydrogenated, cooking oils mayonnaise, coffee creamers and packages foods all tend to have hydrogenated oils. The problem with oils is that your body cannot digest it properly and it is immediately stored as fat.

When preparing your meals try to cook with the least amount of oil possible, stick to safflower, or olive oil. They are healthier but should still be used sparingly because of their calorie content. One tablespoon of olive oil contains 119 calories, as you can see those calories can quickly add up.

Eat Healthy Proteins

Protein is not only essential for maintaining lean muscle. it is also a fat burning food. Lean meats not only fuel your muscles they also burn calories when they are being digested. Stick with lean cuts of beef, chicken, and turkey and they will help maintain lean muscle while burning off excess body fat.

Get Plenty of Fibre in your Diet

The success of your cutting cycle relies a lot on the food you eat. Getting plenty of fiber in your diet is just as important as protein. Some of the best fiber sources come from leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts etc.  Legumes and sweet potatoes are also a good source of fiber plus they digest slower and keep you fuller longer.

Keep Lifting Heavy

This, often times is hard to do, a cutting phase can make you weaker and reduce energy levels. When you cut back on calories, carbs, and fats you lose energy which makes it hard to maintain strength and stamina. The important thing is to try and stick with moderate to heavy weight if you can. This will prevent you from losing muscle.

Young Man Lifting Heavy Weight

Implement Cardio into Your Training Routine

Eliminating fat and getting shredded is all about calories, there are certain days where you may eat more than others. A good cardio routine is essential for creating a calorie deficit. Use common sense and don't go overboard, 20 minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical is a good way to maintain a calorie deficit and will help you reach your fat burning goals quicker.

Treat Yourself to a Cheat Meal Once a Week (Don't Go Overboard)

A cheat meal is a must during your cutting cycle. this means eating one meal of your favorite food, once or possibly twice a week, this will break up the monotony of your strict diet. Just make sure you don't go overboard. A burger and fries or your favorite pizza are not going to kill you, You can add some extra cardio on those days to compensate for those extra calories you consumed.

Italian Pizza

Drink Plenty of Water

Water does make you feel bloated but it can also make you feel fuller, having a small glass of water before your meal will help you feel satisfied quicker. It will also help fuel your workouts. Plus water can help eliminate unwanted toxins from your body.

Deal With Your Hunger and Cravings

Nobody said a cutting cycle will be easy you need to keep a focused mind and expect to suffer from those cravings. If you do fall off the wagon and eat a few things you shouldn't have, don't beat yourself up over it. Just do some extra cardio and stick with your diet. The more focused you are on adhering to your diet and training the faster you will achieve your goals.

Start Off Slow and Don't Expect to Get Shredded Overnight

Anyone who is serious about getting lean and shredded will get better results by starting out with a slow and gradual cutting plan, don't try to drastically drop your calories all at once. Try to ease into a good diet, this will make the transition easier and you will be less likely to give up before you have reached your desired body weight and achieved your desired cutting goals.


Most bodybuilders will tell you that a cutting cycle is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, most of it is mental, however, if you keep your eye on the prize the results and the personal rewards are incredible.

The first couple of weeks are the toughest, however, once you begin to see visible physical changes it will give you more incentive to stick with it and follow through.  Once you have achieved your goals you will feel great about yourself and your accomplishments, plus you will have an insane physique to be proud of.

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