Bodybuilding After Forty for Men

One of the most frequent questions professional bodybuilders and athletes get asked is, am I too old to start weightlifting? The answer to this will always be No, you’re never too old, and they are not just saying that.

There is a huge misconception related to bodybuilding and age, asking if you are too old to do something is kind of like asking a little kid if he’s too young to play an instrument or practice a sport, this is the beauty of bodybuilding.

No matter what age, body type or purpose you have there are always ways to improve one’s body and mind, the pure purpose of bodybuilding is to make what you already have better day by day.

Older bodybuilder posing

The myth that has been going around regarding the difficulty of bodybuilding in men over forty is mostly false.

We say that mostly because part of it has some truth to it, and no, this isn’t meant to discourage you in any way.

It's meant to do the opposite and to give you an idea on what you’re up against if you want to achieve a better physique than most twenty-year-olds.

Bodybuilding generally becomes harder for men after the age of thirty, yes, thirty. After this age natural testosterone levels have peaked.

Testosterone levels remain within normal ranges between the age of twenty and thirty after that they slowly begin to decrease, it’s a normal part of aging howeve it can be slowed down.

You have to remember that everyone is genetically different meaning that your muscle building capabilities will be different than your friend’s or brothers for example.

If you want to get back at it and start working out again you should take a few things into consideration, firstly, if you worked out when you were younger or practiced any sport chances are you had a good physique back then, the body possesses a quality known as Muscle Memory.

This means that all the muscle you had once can be gained back easily as the body tends to go back to a balanced state of comfort,

The more fit or muscular you are the faster your metabolism works.  This means you will you burn calories and gain muscle faster by accelerating the protein synthesis process inside your body,

If you never worked out a day in your life the process is going to be a little bit more difficult but it’s very doable.

Secondly, you need to maintain a healthy diet, since  (HGH) and Testosterone levels tend to be a bit lower in comparison to a few years back your metabolism will naturally be a little slower at first, your diet will need to be spotless in order to get your body going.

Keep a high protein, low carbohydrate and low-fat diet, avoid sugars and processed items, supplementation is going to be a key factor here.

You will want to keep a simple and healthy diet.

Consuming fish oils, whey protein and if you consider it necessary, natural Testosterone and Human Growth Boosters as they can help immensely. 

One last thing that you really need to know is that if you want to have a great physique you need to work as you want it.

Doctors will usually tell people over thirty to keep their exercise routines simple and clean by making them do yoga, zumba, spinning or something along those lines, don’t listen to that.

The best way to get big and muscular is to lift weights, go to the gym and slowly work your way up until you can hang with the big guys, your hormone levels are lower so you need to work harder than the younger kids in the gym to get them up to par, don’t forget that.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and it shouldn’t be hard, as you start your journey into living a healthier lifestyle you will figure out what it’s all about and how it works, the only difference separating a fifty-year-old and a twenty-year-old are hormone levels which can be matched by eating high-quality foods along with correct training and supplementation.

As your body progresses you will venture into new ways of training and eating, there are guys well over their sixties that can out lift and out eat any twenty year old in sight.

If you don’t believe it’s possible to have a jaw-dropping physique at over forty you need to rethink it, look up these names and then you can decide: Robby Robinson, Francis Benfatto and Frank Zane,

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