How to Grow Big Arms

Tips to Make Your Arms Bigger

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a single guy out there who doesn’t wish he could have bigger and more defined arms.

The first thing non-lifters look at when you’re walking by is your arms, you could have small legs but if you have arms you automatically look like you lift, even though it shouldn’t be this way.

First and foremost you have to know that just like with other body parts arm development depends a lot on your genetic build, even some Mr. Olympia’s had weak body parts.

Take for example Ronnie Coleman and his calves or Phil Heath and his back, even though genetically they weren’t as gifted in those areas, they found a way to make them grow and even make them a strong body part, that’s the first lessons you need to take from this article.

No matter how weak your arms are you can turn them into a stronger body part, it will take time and dedication but it will happen if you stick with it.

The arms are cmposed of two muscle groups, the bicep and triceps, the bicep is made up of two heads while the triceps are made up of three hence the name, this is important because most people do curls all day while instead, they should be doing dips, the triceps are the bigger muscle so the more you develop it the bigger the arm will look.

The bicep is a smaller muscle so it takes less work to promote blood flow, lastly, you need to remember your forearms, these don’t necessarily need to be trained on their own as they get activated by doing heavy lifts such as deadlifts but if they’re well developed your arms will have more symetry and look impressive like Phil Heaths.


Like we mentioned above, biceps are made out of two heads, most people seem to have little to no issue with getting them to grow but there’s that select few that are triceps dominant that can’t put on as much muscle on the biceps as they would like to.

That said, if you want to grow them you need to start training them heavily to pre-exhaust the muscle, you then follow up with some isolation type of movement and that’s it, arms are a small body part so you don’t want to spend too much time training them, here’s an example on how to achieve a bicep pump.

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Barbell Curls (Compound) 5 8-10
Bicep Curls (Semi Isolation) 5 12 (Each arm)
Preacher Curls (Isolation) 5 8-12
“Increase the weight by 5lbs or 10lbs after each set”


If you want big arms your main focus should be getting big triceps, unless you’re doing a bodybuilding competition you shouldn’t worry that much about your biceps.

Now, we are not saying that you should neglect your biceps, we’re saying that having big triceps gives the illusion of having a big arm if you’re not flexing.

Triceps just like biceps need to be trained really hard and with compound movements, you are using your triceps while doing the pressing in your shoulder and chest workouts so it’s going to be a little harder to get them growing but don’t worry, if you train them with perfect form and with really heavy weights you should be good, below is a sample routine for triceps.

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Skull Crushers (Compound) 6 10-15
Dips (Compound) 6 Till Failure
Kick Backs (Compound) 6 12 (Each Arm)
“Increase the weight by 5lbs or 10lbs after each set”

The key to getting your arms big is really all about focusing on the movement and getting a pump, don’t jerk the weights, when doing biceps don’t swing the weight and for both biceps and triceps control the negative movement, negative means opposite to what you’re doing.

If you’re curling, the motion is from bottom to top, the negative is top to bottom, therefore, you will need to slowly put the weight back down and explode back up, train with intensity, rest as little as you can, and keep going when training arms you want to feel the pump (look for the Arnold video about it).

You can train triceps after chest because they get activated with the pressing movements, you can train biceps after a back workout because the pulling activates the biceps; remember that.

You can also train arms on their own to get the best results, it all depends on how the muscles feel, if they are sore you should rest and wait for the muscle soreness to go away, remember the muscle grows while resting not while it’s being trained.

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