Health Benefits of Squats

The Health Benefits of Squatting

I love strength training, every day that I go to the gym its always a new experience, at the end of my workout I love to observe the training routines of others, one thing that always astonishes me is that I seldom see people performing squats.

Call me a sadist, I love squats, when I first started training a lot of big guys in the gym told me, if you want to pack on massive amounts of muscle, squats, and deadlifts are your best friend, and after doing them for a few months I knew why.


They say that swimming uses just about every muscle in your body and that may be true, but so does squatting “or at least it comes close”, swimming might keep you toned, but nothing will give you strength and explosive power like squats will.

Most gyms should have some sort of squat rack, you do not need anything fancy, or you can use a Smyth machine “not my favorite” but it will do, if you find yourself not having either one, a good set of dumbbells will work.

Health Benefits of Squats and Why You Should do Them

Why are squats so important

The squat if performed correctly can be an excruciating movement that requires just as much physical strength as it does mental, performing squats properly can stimulate over 200 muscles in our skeletal system, besides stimulating muscles, its a good way for the body to secrete more hormones.

Squatting can increase testosterone levels anywhere between 80%-90%, performing squats with short rest intervals can also help elevate HGH (growth hormone levels),

Many men tend to focus on upper body training and neglect their legs making their body look totally out of proportion, women will improve overall muscle tone in their buttocks and thigh muscles making them look incredibly sexy.

Health Benefits of Squats

Squats can help give your body better overall mobility, balance and coordination, in spite of some saying squats are bad for you and can damage your knees and back, on the contrary squats help to improve the strength of connective tissue and tendons making your body sturdy and less prone to injury.

Strengthens your body

Performing squats carries over to important compound exercises and can prevent injuries to your lower back, squats also stimulate overall muscle growth and even helps strengthen the abdominal and oblique muscles.

Squats are a low impact exercise

Despite the fact that squats give us the ability to move a good amount of weight, squats are a low impact exercise, unlike other exercises like aerobics or jogging, if performed correctly squats will not damage your knees, on the contrary, they will help strengthen your overall core.

Increase bone density

One of the many overlooked benefits of squats is that they stimulate and promote bone density, making the bones stronger and less likely to fracture or break, squats can also improve overall body dexterity and flexibility.

More fat burning potential

We all know that muscle burns fat and the thighs calves and glute muscles constitute some of the bigger muscle groups in our body, stimulating those muscle groups makes for improved fat burning capabilities making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Everyone should do squats

Regardless of your age, everyone should do some variation of squats, young men will increase overall strength and pack on more muscle mass.

Women will improve strength and aesthetics while the elderly can maintain bone density, balance, and improved mobility.

So, now that you know how important squats are, it's time to suck it up and head over to the squat rack and reap all the great benefits squatting has to offer.

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