Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

Gain Muscle and Increase Strength with Marine Muscle

Taking anabolic steroids may be tempting, but are they really worth the side effects?

Guys who take them usually don't care about their health. Others are probably paranoid but take them anyway.

Anabolic steroids are not the only way to increase muscle mass. For decades bodybuilders have been using safe substances to boost muscle growth.

Only recently science has confirmed that certain ingredients can help increase testosterone.

There are five things you need to do to gain muscle:

  1. Shock the muscle: This means overloading your muscles, this stimulates new tissue growth and makes them bigger.
  2. Increase testosterone levels, boosting testosterone levels helps increase strength and muscle mass.
  3. Replenish your muscle with nutrients, in order for muscles grow they need to synthesize protein so they can repair themselves.
  4. Increase Nitrogen in the muscle, in order to reduce fatigue and train harder your muscles need nitrogen, the bulking stack is full of nitrogen-boosting ingredients.
  5. Boost red blood cell count, increasing red blood cell count helps deliver more oxygen to the muscles, this helps boost strength and gives you better muscle pumps.

The Marine Muscle bulking stack covers each one of those needs to help you increase strength and get massive, plus its one of the few legal steroid stacks that still contains prohormones.

The Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

The Bulking stack contains 4 individual formulas that when combined, help increase protein synthesis, boost nitrogen retention and elevate testosterone levels.

This will help you train harder and lift, the more you lift the more potential muscle you will gain.

Legal steroids have been around for over a decade.

Like with most supplements, there is always room for improvement.

The Marine Muscle bulking stack offers men a potent legal steroid that mimics the effects of anabolic steroids.

The Marine Muscle bulking stack has been proven to be the strongest legal steroid in its class.

What is the Marine Muscle bulking stack?

The Marine Muscle bulking stack is a military grade legal steroid, made for men who want to increase muscle without side effects.

The formula in this legal steroid is one of the strongest available, that is why it is only available in the US.

Why is it only available in the U.S?

Because Marine Muscle legal steroids contain prohoromones, unfortunately many countries have banned prohormones because athletes and bodybuilders have found that taking DHEA can offer incredible perrformance benefits.

In the U.S DHEA is still legal which is why Marine Muscle is only available there.

Inspite of DHEA being illegal in most countries it is not harmful.

Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

How it works

The bulking stack consists of 4 products that when combined together, help increase muscle mass, strength, and performance.

There are a lot of men who struggle with gaining muscle.

Sure, a lot of it comes down to how you train and what you eat, but testosterone and other nutrients play a huge role on how fast you can gain muscle.

The bulking stack delivers the best ingredients to help you gain muscle fast!

The products in the bulking stack include the following:

Drill Master helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, this is essential for protein synthesis,  the more nitrogen your muscle have the faster they can grow.

Drill Master is formulated with 33mg of the prohormone DHEA (androstenolone)  and a whopping 75mg of Tribulus Terrestris which has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels.

Marine Muscle Drill Master

Enduro helps reduce fatigue and boost endurance.

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you train is losing steam halfway through your workout.

Enduro lets you train harder, longer, and reduces muscle recovery times.

Enduro is packed with over 750mg wild yam extract, 33mg of the prohormone androstenolone and Tribulus Terrestris.

The formular in Enduro is a testosterone boosting powerhouse that will help you quickly gain muscle and give you incredible strength.

Marine Muscle Enduro


Gunner contains a formula to help you gain muscle, increase strength, and burn fat. Not only will gunner give you incredible pumps, it will also help improve muscle definition and vascularity.

Gunner helps increase oxygen in the muscles by producing more red blood cells, this gives you more power to blast through more sets and reps.

Marine Muscle Gunner

Trooper helps stimulate muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels.

If you lack testosterone you will feel weak and fatigued. Trooper helps boost testosterone to help you maintain strength, stamina plus its loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Marine Muscle Trooper

Benefits of the bulking stack include:

  • Gain muscle fast
  • Increase strength
  • One of the few legal steroids that contains the prohormone DHEA
  • Bust through strength plateaus (sticking points)
  • Boost performance and endurance
  • Results in less than 30 days
  • Strongest bulking stack in its class
  • No side effects
  • Military grade ingredients

Are Marine Muscle legal steroids better than others?

They sure are.

The Marine Muscle bulking stack contains ingredients that you will not find in other legal steroids!

One of the key ingredients in the bulking stack is androstenolone (an endogenous hormone) proven to increase muscle mass.

This is one of the reasons that Marine Muscle is only sold in the United States, most countries have banned this substance, not because it's dangerous, but because of the positive effect, it has on boosting athletic performance.

How much muscle you gain is up to you.

You can't expect to gain muscle by sitting around. If you want to gain muscle fast we recommend sticking to compound exercises with heavy weight. You should maintain an intense training regimen during each 30-day cycle. If you do you should gain anywhere between 10-15 lbs of muscle per cycle.

Is Marine Muscle just another scam?

A lot of people believe what they want to believe, there is a reason why Marine Muscle products are only sold in the United States, the reason is that in other countries androstenolone is illegal.

The Marine Muscle bulking stack is the strongest legal steroid in its class and the closest thing you will get to an anabolic steroid.

Does the Marine Muscle stack really work?

We simply ask you to check out the ingredients in other legal steroids. What you will find that this is the strongest formula available anywhere!. Unfortunately, it is only available in the United States.


The bulking stack cost $219.99, the company offers a buy 2 for the price of 1 giving you two complete 30-day cycles to help you pack on a significant amount of muscle in a two month period.

Where to buy

We recommend that you buy the bulking stack from the official Marine Muscle website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and you can take advantage of the buy 2 for the price of one, along with free shipping.


The bulking stack is a product that delivers real results, it's not just another watered down supplement, it is a REAL legal steroid packed with ingredients that are scientifically proven to deliver results. The only complaint men will have about this legal steroid is that it is only available in the US.

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