Steroid Side Effects By Gender

Steroid Side Effects By Gender and Health Risks – Infographic

In spite of all the negative publicity, we hear about the side effects of taking anabolic steroids. Men and women still use them. Some can go many years without suffering side effects while others begin to see a gradual decline in health immediately after taking them.

Some side effects are mild while others can be severe. The below infographic gives a clear presentation of steroid side effects by gender.

Why do athletes take anabolic steroids?

It is strikingly obvious that bodybuilders take steroids, there is no way to gain as much muscle as bodybuilders do without taking some kind o steroids. Most athletes have taken sports enhancing drugs at some point in their life.

Why? Because they can perform better. Anabolic steroids not only help increase muscle mass, they also reduce fatigue and improve endurance. Baseball players can pitch harder and run faster.

Steroids make you a better athlete

Steroids are only as good as the athlete taking them. Most people think that steroids are all that an athlete needs to perform better. The truth is, anabolic steroids only enhance an athlete's current physical capabilities.

If an athlete is not good at what he or she does, steroids will not make them better. Take a look at most bodybuilders, many of them do not have good genetics yet they insist on practicing the sport.

Some bodybuilders often lack symmetry and muscle definition, this is just part of their genetic makeup, the only thing steroids do is make them stronger but their genetic makeup remains the same.

Most people don't need steroids

When I think of steroids I think of people like Lance Amstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dorian Yates. These where all great athletes who had incredible genetics and physical skills which made them great athletes. Anabolic steroids just enhanced their abilities.

Most men and women do not need to take anabolic steroids and many of them who do take them for all the wrong reasons.

If you do decide to take them you should know that without proper guidance they can cause side effects. some are mild, others are severe and some can even cause death. Below is an Infographic that explains some of the side effects and the impact it can have on men, women, and teens.


Steroid Side Effects

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