What Does It Take to Become a Mr. Olympia

Do You Have What it Takes to Become Mr. Olympia?

It’s no secret that having as much muscle as a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder is not easy, most people will think that having a body like Ronnie Coleman is impossible and therefore all the pictures online are fake.

Well, if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder you of all people know that a Mr. Olympia’s physique resembles a Photoshop picture that seems impossible to achieve, however, it's not anything like.

Most people view a Mr. Olympia physique in awe while others think it’s just stupid or even disgusting to gain that much muscle.

Most don't have to worry about getting massive because statistically, only about  5% of men dream about achieving something close to having a Mr. Olympia physique.

Even if we’re only talking about the 70s, 80s or 90s Physiques like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, Lee Haney’s and Dorian Yates were still hard to achieve.

Truth is less than 1% of bodybuilders out there achieve that level of physical development.


Gaining muscle isn’t complicated even though most people try to make it that way.

Mr. Olympia’s had to start somewhere most of them started out like any guy who began lifting weights.

Over time, they probably began to figure out they had talent and good genetics and decided to pursue their dream.


The one thing that has had the most drastic changes over the years is nutrition, in the old day's bodybuilders used to stick with a consistent diet and stay lean pretty much all year round.

Most golden era bdybuilders stuck to eating foods with a lot of protein including red meat and eggs.

They would keep carbohydrate intake low and most did not take supplements.

Todays Mr.Olympias go through radical diet changes, they consume insane amounts of food during a bulking cycle.

Ronnie Coleman Diet

Before preparing for a competition they do the total opposite and reduce food intake carbs and do a lot of cardio before competing.

This allows them to get a lean and vascular body so all the fine details of their muscles come out.

It is true that a lot of Mr. Olympia’s do the usual 7 meals of chicken and rice with vegetables, but that’s just what you see, why would they teach you the secret to earning a physique like theirs?

The truth is there are no secrets, Even though Phil Heath won’t tell you what he actually eats it and it really doesn't matter.

A Mr. Olympia doesn’t eat what they tell him to eat, he eats what his body needs, even if Phil Heath told you what he eats it wouldn’t help you in any way.

The secret to building muscle is knowing your body and how it reacts to certain foods, someone can give you a diet plan but what may work for one person may not work for you.

Genetics are important

The biggest debates many have about becoming a pro bodybuilder is genetics.

Like it or not genetics make up about 50% of your potential of becoming a successful bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia.

Vince Gironda once said, “Champions are born, NOT made.”

That quote is so true.

50% of the bodybuilders out there will attribute genetics to their success, while the other half say that it’s all about the hard work they put into the sport.

This not mean that if you don't have the genetics you cant be successful, however, how many bodybuilders have we seen on the Mr. Olympia stage year after year who have not one it.

At one point, you will have to ask yourself if its a passion you have for the sport then keep going but with poor genetics, it will be hard to win.

If you work hard enough you will definitely see results, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a Mr. Olympia.

Dorian Yates Before and After

Let’s take for example Dorian Yates before he worked out he was pretty thin and had a small frame but once he started training

His genetics have always been top notch and favored him, but he didn’t know that until he started lifting.

On the other hand, you have individuals who work out even harder than your regular gym rat and can barely put on 5lbs of muscle in two years.

So yes, genetics are important, if you don’t have the big, round and full muscle bellies with a frame to carry it on you probably won’t be a Mr. Olympia.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t build an impressive physique it just means you may not be able to achieve Mr. Olympia status.

Remember the Mr. Olympia title is one that is awarded to the best looking physique on the planet.

CrazyBulk BannerSteroids

Unfortunately, if you want to become a Mr. Olympia steroid use is unavoidable.

To get as big as Mr.Olympia competitors get is impossible without using steroids.

This is unfortunate but the truth is for decades pro bodybuilder have used anabolic steroids to achieve their massive size.

But remember, these pro bodybuilders already have an incredible physique, steroids only enhance what they already have and allow them to gain more muscle and increase vascularity.

Anabolic steroids are considered to be the be finishing touch.

Bodybuilders in the 50s, 60s and even early 70s used to have amazing physiques, the difference is that anabolic steroids weren't popular like they are today which in a way is unfortunate.

Times change and there were barely any drugs back then, that’s why most bodybuilders didn't weigh more than 220lbs.

Today bodybuilders are well over 300lbs thanks to research and anabolic steroids.

So yes, let’s keep it real, in order to be at the top in the bodybuilding world you do need steroids to compete but you also need to train hard, good genetics, discipline, and proper nutrition.

If your dream is becoming Mr.Olympia you need to get off of your butt and start working on your diet, training program and just trying to better yourself.

In order to become a pro bodybuilder, it's not just about lifting weights its a whole lifestyle.

If you want something bad enough you will get it, you just need to be focused and work hard for what you are trying to achieve.

It takes many bodybuilders 10-15 years before they are able to set foot on the Mr.Olympia stage and sometimes many years after that before they are actually able to win it.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what it takes to become a Mr. Olympia and achieve your dreams.

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