Why You Cant Look Like a Bodybuilder

The Struggles of Pro Bodybuilders

You have trained heavy and hard for years, during that time you have managed to pack on a decent amount of muscle, the problem is you go to the gym and see all these huge muscular guys surrounding you.

You may think all these guys do is train hard, but there is more to how they get that body than just training.

There are several reasons why you can't look like a massive bodybuilder, below I will shed some light on some of the crazy things bodybuilders do to get big.

Lift heavy weight

Not all bodybuilders train with heavy weight but many do, in order to increase muscle mass you need to shock the muscle, this is done by lifting heavy weight.

Bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman pushed the limits of lifting heavy weight. Unfortunately lifting heavy may eventually lead to injury.

Ronnie Coleman Squatting

When Ronnie Coleman was in his prime he could lift incredible amounts of weight, but now after many back surgeries and a double hip replacement he walks with a limp and is often seen in a wheelchair because lingering back issues.

So, if you do insist on training with heavy weight you should also know that it may lead to health-related issues in the future.

Eat several meals a day

Not all but most pro bodybuilders have to maintain a very clean diet, look at the average bodybuilder diet and you will see that they eat large quantities of high protein foods.

Most bodybuilders eat plenty of lean beef, chicken, fish, oatmeal, eggs, sweet potatoes, and protein shakes every day,  most bodybuilders will eat 5-8 meals a day consuming over 5000 calories, not only can this get expensive for the average guy it's not practical.

High protein foods

Take steroids

Yes if you want to get a lean and massive physique like a pro, you better plan on taking steroids, and lots of them. Steroids are the only way anyone can pack on lots of muscle fast while maintaining a lean body.

Steroids do several things, they increase strength, turn your body into a fat burning machine and help you get that lean and shredded look. If you don't believe me, look at many pros before competing in the big leagues like the Mr. Olympia competition.

Jay Cutler young and old

Most amateur bodybuilders have a natural looking physique but once they begin to compete you can quickly notice the physical transformation, what do they take?

Most bodybuilders take HGH (human growth hormone) testosterone, clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol, and insulin.

Many bodybuilders will tell you that taking steroids is not dangerous and that if taken in reasonable doses they will not have long-term effects, however, there are many bodybuilders that rarely make it past the age of 50 because of steroid use, here is a list of bodybuilders who all died because of steroids.

Use Synthol

When we talk about genetics, some have incredible genetics others do not, how can we ignore the bicep peak of the gods that Arnold Sscwarzenneger had or the calves on Mike Matarazzo, but some people are not happy with what they have and turn to Synthol use.

Bodybuilder that Used Synthol

If you are not familiar with what Synthol is, it is a liquid (oil) that consists of 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol. It is injected into the muscle which increases volume.

Some people have overdone it to the point of it looking gross, but if you have ever wondered how some guys have incredible biceps, shoulders, and calves many of them have resorted to using Synthol.

So if you look at some of the things bodybuilders do to look like they do you ask yourself if it's really worth it, one of my favorite quotes is from Mike Matarazzo who died at the young age of 48 due to heart complications from steroid use.


A quote from Mike Matarazzo about steroid use

It has affected my whole life, so to all those guys who are on an eternal quest to have 21″ arms and 20″ calves, and who are so vain about their never-say-die attitude, I say, “Change your attitude.” Worry about keeping that body of yours as healthy as possible, because it's going to have to last you not just through your next contest or to the end of your bodybuilding contract, but for a long time. And a long time for a human being is nothing. It goes by real quick, even quicker when your health is gone and you have nothing to stand on.


Next time you see that impressive guy with huge muscles strutting his stuff, you have to ask yourself is what he's doing worth what he's putting his body through.

I think most will agree that it is better to achieve what you can naturally, versus doing the things that bodybuilders do to achieve what should be considered something unrealistic.

If you do insist on having an edge in the gym,  there is a natural method to achieve similar results without the side effects, Creatine, protein supplements, and legal steroids can all give you advantage without the side effects otherwise building a natural body with the genetics that God gave you is the best way.

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