4 Exercises for Hard Gainers

4 Best Exercises for Gaining Muscle

Most hard gainers who struggle with trying to pack on muscle mass often overlook two things, diet, and training, they both go hand in hand.

When it comes to bulking up and increasing muscle mass you need to focus on certain training exercises to pack on muscle.

For a bodybuilder, diet and training are very similar because in order to gain muscle you need both. In this article, I will explain 4 best exercises for hard gainers.

I have personally had a lot of experience training younger men, starting with my son. Every day I see a lot of teens in the gym who focus on training arms, there is nothing wrong with that right?

After all, everyone wants big guns, but arms contribute a very small part of the bodies overall aesthetics and should be considered a finishing touch on a huge and sculpted physique.

In order to gain muscle you should focus on core body parts with compound movements, most will shy away from these exercises because they are hard. If you are a hard gainer and want to gain muscle mass these exercises are a must.

The Squat

Squats are difficult and proper form is of the essence, squats can be difficult at first. When starting out, begin with light weight so you can get your stance and equilibrium just right.

Once you have mastered perfect form its time to begin to increase the weight, squats work major muscle groups including the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, rectus abdominous and obliques.

Not only do squats work a variety of muscle groups they also help stimulate more testosterone production which is needed to build muscle.

Exercises for Hard Gainers

The Deadlift

The deadlift is probably one of the best compound exercises anyone can do to increase size and build strength. In my own opinion, there is nothing worse than a weak bodybuilder, if you look big you should also be strong.

I can guarantee that no one will question the deadlift as being one of the most important mass gaining exercises out there. The deadlift works the back, glutes, legs, and forearms it will also help improve your grip.

Many claim that you are at risk of injury but if you perform squats with good form there should be no risk involved.

Once again start off slow, concentrate on form and gradually increase the weight. There is nothing that feels better than working your way up to heavy weight, give it six months and you will be amazed by how much muscle mass you will gain.


T-Bar Rows

T-Bar rows are another great compound movement to help build up the back muscles, increase core strength and give you thickness in the back and lats. The old-fashioned T-Bar row works the back, steres major (small lat) trapezius, and erector spinae, to some degree it works the shoulders, biceps, abdominals, hamstring, and glutes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Performing Old School T-Bar Rows

Bench press

Bench press has always been the staple for chest development, my only pet peeve with this exercise is that so many do it wrong, often lifting their butt off the bench, squirming from side to side or dancing with their feet.

The bench press builds core strength, it is also great for overall chest development, when performing this exercise you can gain the most benefit from paused reps, you should continuously strive to increase the weight week by week as much as you can but also make sure you focus on proper form.

Dorian Yates Bench Press

Each of the above exercises should be kept to around 6 – 8 reps I always recommend doing 1 warm up set and then doing 4 working sets, increasing the weight on each set.

Proper nutrition and supplements

As I mentioned earlier, proper nutrition is key for increasing muscle mass, so if you train heavy and hard, make sure you are getting plenty of protein and carbs in your diet, plenty of rest is also essential.

If you find yourself struggling with lack of energy and don't feel you are getting enough of the right nutrients you may want to consider taking a legal steroid, this will help improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscle which is important during a bulking cycle.

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