Myths About Strength Training in Your 40’s

Benefits of Strength Training for Men After 40 Call it what you want, bodybuilding, strength training, lifting weights, it all amounts to improving every your body and your wellbeing. If you have reached this page wondering if you should consider lifting weights in your 40’s, you should. I had always performed some sort of strength … Read more

Making the Gym Your Second Home

Over the last two decades, I have found myself training in a variety of gyms. In the past I would be forced to train anywhere I could, and for myself, it often does not make the perfect training environment but it has to do. Now my life is a bit more stable, my job does … Read more

What Does Eating Clean Mean

What Does Eating Clean Mean – Proper Nutrition for Bodybuilders In the world of bodybuilding, you always hear people say oh yeah I eat clean, I watch my macros and a lot of other BS making dieting sound like a science, and to an extent, it can be. Regardless of what your goal is either … Read more

Health Benefits of Squats

The Health Benefits of Squatting I love strength training, every day that I go to the gym its always a new experience, at the end of my workout I love to observe the training routines of others, one thing that always astonishes me is that I seldom see people performing squats. Call me a sadist, … Read more

Uncommon Bodybuilding Exercises

Uncommon Strength Training Exercises Weight training has and will always be the essence of Bodybuilding, without it we couldn’t sculpt the physique of our dreams or build the superhuman strength that is idolized by mere mortals. Currently, the art of weight training lacks a certain rawness that made it very special just a few decades … Read more

Meal Frequency and Bodybuilding

Are 5-7 meals really better than 3 big ones? Both old school and modern bodybuilders have attributed a great amount of their physical success to strategic meal frequency and its direct effects on muscle building and fat loss. For years they have claimed that eating small meals at a more frequent rate enhances the body’s … Read more

Common Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes

A successful bodybuilder dedicates most of his time to develop an effective game plan in which the main focus is building the best physique possible, a goal that can only be achieved by balancing three factors; diet, training, and rest. Dieting is by far the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes down … Read more

Why Bodybuilders Use Insulin

Insulin a Potential Health Risk for Bodybuilders Some of the biggest names in bodybuilding are using insulin, this is kind of unfortunate if you think about it, especially considering that there are a lot of diabetics in the world who are forced to take insulin shots every day, not only can it be costly, Insulin … Read more

Why Are Anabolic Steroids Illegal

Why is Anabolic Steroid Use Prohibited? In short, any steroid substance that is not on the Designer Anabolic Steroid Act of 2014 which excludes some forms of estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone providing they are (1) not on the list, (2) do not mimic something that is on the list, or (3) are derived from … Read more

Potassium and Bodybuilding Enough Goes A Long Way

Benefits of Potassium for Bodybuilding While bodybuilders pay particular attention to their protein intake, they should be just as concerned with potassium. This mineral is an electrolyte in your body and plays a significant role in maintaining the proper fluid balance in the cells, maintaining normal blood pressure, and conducting nerve impulses. For potassium to … Read more

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