How Skinny Guys Can Gain Muscle

Skinny Guys Guide to Gain Muscle

It is not impossible for skinny guys to gain muscle, for some, it just takes more effort. When I was growing up there were comic books with ads that talked about the skinny guy getting sand kicked in his face by the muscle-bound bodybuilder.

Today things are not much different, while I have not seen those ads anymore a lot of guys still want to gain muscle.

One big issue many guys suffer from is being too skinny and not being able to gain muscle.

If you are someone who goes to the gym several times a week but you are not seeing results, it may not be totally your fault, and before getting frustrated I will give you some tips to help you gain muscle.


Gaining muscle is not an easy task for some men, in theory, the more resistance we place on the muscle and the more weight we can accustom our muscles to lift over time should lead to muscle gains. this is not the case for a lot of men.

Here are 5 tips to help skinny guys gain muscle

Focus on compound exercises

If you are not sure what these exercises are, these are the ones that work for several muscle groups at the same time.

Exercises like squats, deadlifts and rack pulls are great compound movements for gaining muscles, these are recommended for hard gainers in order to gain muscle mass and strength.

The more you focus on these exercises the more muscle you can gain.

Switch up your training routine

Reaching a plateau “when you stop gaining muscle” is something that can prevent you from gaining muscle.

When working out it's important to change up your workout routine every few weeks, I personally like to switch up my training by training different body parts on different days of the week, I do this every few weeks.

You should also vary your weight sometimes going heavier with fewer reps and lower weight with higher reps.

Working out without changing your routine every few weeks can cause your body to stop growing and slow down muscle gains.

Eating the right foods

One of the biggest mistakes skinny guys make is not eating enough of the right foods, a good bodybuilding diet should consist of protein-rich foods that include lean meats such as chicken, fish, and beef.

Dairy products are important foods as well especially eggs because they are a great source of protein and vitamins.

You should also include plenty of healthy carbs that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these include plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables, whole wheat grains, and legumes.

Protein rich foods

Eating nutrient-rich foods can make a big difference in how much muscle you can gain, especially considering that in order for muscles to grow they need protein to thrive.

If you are someone who struggles with eating bigger meals, try eating smaller portions and spread your protein intake over 4 smaller meals,  try to include at least 20 grams of protein in each meal.

Learn about the top muscle building foods

Eat a snack before your workout.

In order to ensure you have plenty of energy, eating a light snack that has healthy carbs will give you more energy and improve muscle pumps during your workout.

You should also ensure you get protein both before and after your workout, this will help your muscles recover fast and ensure muscle gains.

Take supplements if needed

Not everyone can eat right all the time, if you feel you are not getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals supplements can help.

There are hundreds if not thousands of dietary supplements that can help you gain muscle, supplements can be beneficial in many ways that include:

  • Boost energy and performance
  • Reduce fatigue
  • increase nitrogen retention for better pumps
  • Provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein

Supplements should not be used as a complete solution for gaining muscle but as a complement to a healthy diet plan.

Protein Supplements

Other supplements that you may want to consider may include creatine, amino acids.

Testosterone boosting supplements can also help ensure you maintain healthy testosterone levels, remember low testosterone levels can slow down muscle gains.

Get plenty of rest

Training 4-5 times a week can take its toll on your body and ad additional stress, in order for your body to recover properly it needs to recover, and this means you need to get plenty of rest.

When you sleep your pituitary gland produces HGH this is important for muscle recovery cell regeneration, plus it will help your muscles recover fast and you will store less fat.

Final thoughts

If you want to gain muscle, this includes bigger arms a thicker back and an overall improvement of your physique follow these 5 tips, and before you know it you should notice increased muscle gains, more strength, and an incredible looking physique.

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