Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris and its Effect on Testosterone


Reduced testosterone levels and commercials about “Low T” have been abundant over the past few years and the pharmaceutical companies have been taking advantage of this.

Every day there are new TV adds on how testosterone therapy can increase and improve sexual performance, providing men with more energy and strength. This is true, however, synthetic hormone therapy comes with health risks, but since testosterone therapy is relatively new, there are not enough conclusive studies to prove otherwise.

Men who suffer from low testosterone can usually treat the symptoms with supplements and certain herbs, one of the more popular herbs is something called Tribulus Terrestris.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Over the years people have consumed this plant extract to improve blood circulation, energy, sexual performance and boost strength gains in the gym.

The real key here is that it is one of the few plants that actually has some documented research that it actually does work.

There have been several studies performed on this plant showing a positive influence on improving sexual and athletic performance, one of its more important attributes is increasing testosterone levels.

The real problem here is that you can not get Tribulus Terrestris from any other foods, it only comes from the plant itself, which is known wonder why most sports supplements containing this ingredient are not cheap.

When it comes to alternative methods to boost testosterone levels, there are several new supplements that can do this in a very safe and effective way.

Tribulus Terrestris also was known as “Puncture Vine” is a fruit producing plant only found in the Mediterranean, covered in spines this plant is one of the primary ingredients found in most testosterone boosters.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Most dietary supplements being used today contain herbs that are used medically. Tribulus Terrestris is among the famous botanicals that have a lot of benefits to humans. The plant is also called the goat's head or caltrop. Both the root and the fruit of the plant are useful in the following ways.

Boost sexual health

The plant is known as herbal Viagra. It increases the luteinizing hormone in men to boost the levels of testosterone. Many testosterone boosters contain this plant due to the positive effects of raising your sexual desire and sperm quality.

People who have problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are advised to take Tribulus Terrestris supplements.

The plant contains protodioscin compound that improves the production of Nitric Oxide which is essential in erections. The penis is able to relax so that blood flows smoothly without interruptions.

It also enhances the motility of sperms such that they can penetrate the ovum. People with fertility problems should try Tribulus supplements which increase the concentration and volume of sperm needed for fertilization.

Enhance athletic performance

This is also a training supplement due to the steroidal saponins such as protodioscin in it. This triggers pituitary glands in the body which increases the production of Luteinizing hormone. Oxygenated blood can flow in the muscles and allow them to receive useful nutrients to enhance athletic performance.

Most athletes who use supplements containing this plant have better stamina when they are working out. It also enhances muscle recovery to prevent soreness during practice and can boost muscle mass by improving the synthesis of proteins.

Tribulus Terrestris helps fight diabetes

A study reports that Tribulus can fight diabetes. It prevents oxidative stress thus protects people from diabetes. You should, however, not take the herb when you already have diabetes since it can interfere with diabetes medicines and make your blood sugar to go low which is risky.

Enhances energy

If you are experiencing fatigue whether mental or physical, Tribulus can improve your energy levels. It boosts the supply of oxygen to body cells that can offer a boost in endurance to curb fatigue, especially in women.

It is a mood enhancer

This supplement is essential in dealing with mood disorders such as mood swings. It can also combat anxiety and stress. You can control Premenstrual syndrome with Tribulus Terrestris.

Improves the urinary tract

The supplement contains diuretic properties that enhance the flow of urine. It cleanses parts such as the urethra, bladder, and kidneys. It protects these body organs against oxidative damage and prevents them from inflammation.

Tribulus Terrestris also helps in the elimination of waste from the body and offers kidney support. It also helps in releasing harmful toxins which translates to high energy levels and positive moods.

Offers cardiovascular support

The plant helps you maintain low cholesterol levels thus, regulating your blood pressure. It keeps you away from heart complications that come from the clogging of blood vessels with excess fat. You can remain healthy without accumulating an unhealthy weight while under Tribulus supplements.

Several studies performed on the health risks of taking supplements containing Tribulus Terrestris have been negative, however, most consumers of supplements containing this plant have been men, women should avoid taking any kind of supplement containing Tribulus Terestris due to the fact that some studies have shown fetal development issues in lab animals.

There are many sports supplements and testosterone boosters that contain this plant extract.

Who should consider taking Tribulus Terrestris?

There are plenty of reasons, the primary one being that it is very effective at boosting testosterone and there are no side effects, not to mention it is much cheaper than synthetic testosterone.

A quality testosterone supplement that contains Tribulus Terrestris is all that most men need to boost testosterone. If you still have doubts you should consult with your doctor for advice on the best way to treat your symptoms of low testosterone.


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