Anabolic Steroid Side Effects

Steroid Side Effects – Why You Should Avoid Them Steroids have become so mainstream, it’s ridiculous, the bodybuilding industry has become so parasitical. It seems anyone who has taken a steroid cycle or won an amateur bodybuilding competition think they know how to train and what kinds of steroids to take. Mistake number one, why … Read more

Benefits of Anabolic Supplements

Benefits of Anabolic Supplements: Let’s Talk About How They Work For decades anabolic steroids have been an abused substance, back in the old days, bodybuilders used anabolic steroids to add the finishing touches to their physique. Reading many of the different Facebook groups and forums, it seems to have become the norm that many young … Read more

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Halodrol

Halodrol Steroid

Benefits and Side Effects of Halodrol The main reason is to increase muscle mass in the abdominal area. Halodrol (Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol) is an anabolic steroid and as such bodybuilders use it to help them add lean muscles and to increase their endurance while helping their bodies recover quicker and with better results post-workout. In general, those … Read more

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