Why Do Bodybuilders Use Halodrol

Benefits and Side Effects of Halodrol

The main reason is to increase muscle mass in the abdominal area.

Halodrol (Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol) is an anabolic steroid and as such bodybuilders use it to help them add lean muscles and to increase their endurance while helping their bodies recover quicker and with better results post-workout.

In general, those benefits are why bodybuilders use Halodrol. Keep reading to learn more about Halodrol and how it works.

Why do Bodybuilders use Halodrol?

The Inner Workings of Halodrol

Halodrol is an anabolic steroid – a man-made tweak of testosterone.

Chemically, it is known as a 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol and it can convert to Turinabol, which is a derivative of Dianabol.

Halodrol helps bodybuilders gain muscle bulk, especially in the abdominal region. This is a product that puts your six-pack in place and gives you the option of an 8-12 pack. This is an anabolic effect.

One of the plusses of Halodrol over Dianabol is that it has a decreased androgenic effect. So, one reason people use this product is that there is less risk of men growing breasts and women growing hair on their face and chest.

Anabolic steroids do two things:

• Anabolic – Makes muscle and bone grow
• Androgenic – impact gender via sex hormones

What Halodrol Does

Once taken, Halodrol begins to boost testosterone levels. This process allows muscle cells to repair damaged muscle cells or muscle fibers quickly or to replace them with larger muscle cells.

That process works as part of the natural recovery that our body initiates after we “stress” our muscles.

That process work because when a bodybuilder lifts weights or a marathon runner trains by running long distances the muscles used in that process fatigue and micro-tears appear in the fibers of the cells.

Those tears are what people talk about when they mention post-workout recovery.

A state when the muscle cells are weak and damaged.

The reason this is important is that it is that exact process that leads to bigger muscles. Our body repairs torn muscle fibers a few times before it simply replaces them with a larger and stronger cell or chain of cells that form a fiber.

It is the repair first and replace later pattern that causes the effects of working to take a little while before you start to see results when you train.

The main reason is to increase muscle mass in the abdominal area.

Halodrol is known to help bodybuilders develop beautiful cut ab muscles. These are also the hardest muscles in your body to develop because it is the first place we store fat and the last place that we lose fat.

For men or women, the first thing that happens when we go “soft” is that we develop fat roles in the abdominal region.

What Halodrol does is it allows bodybuilders to do more sets, increase cardio, spend more time on the machines and that process increases the rate in which your body replaces damaged muscle cells and fiber with larger and stronger lean muscle cells.

That is the primary reason to use Halodrol as a bulking agent. It makes the process easier to add muscle, and that is a bonus for anyone who is trying to improve the look of their abs.

Halodrol as a Cutter

Anabolic steroids do not cause you to lose body fat, but they power you through longer workouts so that you end up burning more calories.

Many people try to increase the dose for Halodrol when they cut, but that is counterproductive.

Your goal during cutting is not bulking up, but shedding fat. For that reason, bodybuilders should focus on dropping fat rather than adding muscle, and that means sticking to a caloric deficient diet to burn stored fat and using a low dose of anabolic steroid.

While it might seem like a good idea to use more anabolic drugs to cut, but in fact, it has a negative effect because anabolic steroids have nothing to do with how your body sheds fat.

The only role in this process is to allow you to do more and for cutting you need a lower dose to achieve that goal. Therefore, bodybuilders reach for Halodrol for cutting cycles – you can take it longer than many other steroids, and at a lower dose, it works like a champ.

The Recap

Halodrol is an anabolic steroid that is popular with bodybuilders who want to develop abdominal muscles. It is a lesser form of Dianabol and offers a nearly even mix of anabolic and androgenetic benefits.

In short, it is softer and kinder during the process and can help with both bulking and cutting. It stacks well and plays nice, but even so, this is still an anabolic steroid.

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