8 Exercises for Bigger Rounder Glutes

If you are a woman who wants a bigger butt, here are 8 exercises for bigger rounder glutes

A number of women go to the gym for one reason only – make the booty look better. Gluteus maximus, buttocks, glutes – whatever you call it, these muscles need plenty of commitment in order to look nice.

The key for getting rounder glutes is combining a healthy diet with a regular exercise. But, one without the other will not bring any results.  Basically, this means that you need to eat less and train more.

Still, not every type of workout will bring the same results. You need to focus on those exercises that are proven to make your behind look nicer quickly. To help you out, here are 8 exercises that will bring results in just a couple of weeks!

1. Squat

Woman Doing Squats

Squats are your most important exercise. Not only are they great for glutes, but also for a number of other muscles, including lower back and abdominal muscles. Probably everyone knows how to do a squad, but not everyone knows how to do it in order to get the most of it. The key is in keeping your heel glued to the floor. You also need to do your best not to bend your back, but keep it as straight as possible. This may ruin your balance, but you can control it by keeping the arms stretched.

2. Barbell Squat

Woman Doing Barbell Squat

You can make the squats even better for your glutes by adding more weight. This is done by using a barbell. The problem is that this exercise is much more dangerous than regular squat. That is why it is necessary to have someone to assist you while doing it.

3. Leg Press

Woman Performing Leg Press

Leg press is basically the reverse squat. This exercise affects the same muscles as the barbell squat, but is much safer. The thing about leg press is that it is done on a machine, which means that you can stop whenever you feel it is too much. This allows you to push it to your limit, thus getting the most of your glutes.

4. One-Legged Press

Woman Performing Leg Press

This version of leg press is great as it involves a bigger number of different leg muscles. When doing the leg press with both of your legs, you are mostly focusing on your glutes and quads. However, when doing it with only one leg, your balance won’t be perfect, meaning that you’ll have to use the calf muscle, as well as hamstrings.

5. Lunges

Woman performing Dumbbell lunges

Similarly to one-leg press, lunges are also great as they involve a number of leg muscles. Again, it is all about the balance. If you want to get the most out of this exercise, grab a pair of dumbbells and start doing the walking lunges. But, be careful as this exercise may put a lot of pressure on your ankles. If you had problems with joints in the past, our advice is to stay away from this exercise. Instead, you can do stationary lunges.

6. Glute Cable Kickback

Woman Doing Glute KickBacks

All of the previous exercises are meant to sculpt your whole leg. However, the glute kickback is focused on nothing else but your gluteus maximum. Basically, this exercise is a type of hip extension, in which you use the cable to create a resistance. A thing to remember about this and similar exercises is that you shouldn’t do them too often. It is because the exercise is focused mostly on one group of muscles, which carries the risk of overtraining those muscles.

7. Barbell Glute Bridges

Barbell Glute Bridges

Here’s another exercise that will do wonders for your glutes. Barbell glute bridges are done so that you put weight on your upper ties. The goal is to push the weight upwards while keeping your feet on the floor. Your behind will go up as you push the weight. In fact, your butt is from where most of the force will come.

8. Cardio Workout

Woman riding elliptical

If you are looking to get round glutes, but to keep your feminine physique, you must not spend too much time in the gym. Instead, you need to combine weight workout with cardio. Actually, cardio workout will help you burn that extra fat that is making your butt too soft. Still, not every cardio exercise will bring the same results. You need to do those that involve your legs, like jogging or cycling. Exercising on the stair-stepper machines is also a good idea.

Planning Your Workout

When it comes to glutes workout, you need to be careful not to overtrain these muscles. Working out too hard may result in a condition called catabolism, which will prevent the muscles to grow. You certainly don’t want that to happen. After all, you want a beautiful, round behind. One way of solving this problem is to ingest more proteins and calories that would feed the tired muscles. The problem with this method is that it may result in accumulation of extra fat.

That is why the only way to get bigger, rounder glutes is to pay attention to your training. There is no need to go to gym more than three or four times a week. Actually, working out more can only be counterproductive. Instead, it is much better to combine it with cardio workout. For example, you can do a weight workout twice a week, while doing cardio every other day. You also need to pay attention to the combination of exercises in each training session. The more different exercises you do, the better results you will get.

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