5 Reasons Why Women Should do Squats

5 Reasons Why Women Should Not Skip Leg Day

If you had to choose only one exercise to do on a regular basis, which one would it be? If you asked us for advice, we would say squat! This exercise is, by far, the most important exercise for those women who want to have a sexy physique.

You can’t have a nice booty unless you do squats on a regular basis. But, the physical aspect is just one of the reasons why the squat is so amazing. Here are 5 reasons why squats need to be the pillar of your workout!

Squats Boost Your Mood

Because squats affect large groups of muscles, your heart will need to pump faster to supply your legs, back, abs and other parts of your body with blood. With the blood pumping in your veins, you will feel more alert and your mind will start working faster, making you sharper and more focused.

Why Women Should do Squats - Woman Squating

Since squats require engaging your brain as well, not just your muscles. In order to do this exercise correctly, it requires coordination and flexibility, doing squats at least twice a week will improve coordination, balance,  and flexibility.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, squats seem like the perfect morning exercise. Forget about coffee – the best way to wake up and get ready for the challenges that every day brings is to do a set of squats right after waking up!

Squats Do Wonders for Your Core

Many women think that the squats are an exercise that should only be done on the so-called leg day. However, those who think that the leg muscles are the only ones involved while doing the squat, are wrong.

It’s true that your glutes and quads are going to do the most of the work, but these muscles are made for these kinds of efforts. In fact, the strongest muscles in your body are the leg muscles. This means that when you do squats, other muscles are involved and will become stronger.

For example, your lower back muscles will have to work hard, as well as your abs. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the results from doing the squats were more visible in your core muscles than with your legs.

Squats Can Prevent Joint Pain

All humans are meant to stand and walk, instead of sitting all day in a chair. The problem is that the modern lifestyle is making a number of women do otherwise. Whether you need to sit in the office, or you drive too often, you are in a sedentary position, which is something that can have a bad impact on your spine, but also on your knees and ankles.

A good way to prevent problems with joints and bones is to do squats. A great thing about this exercise is that it doesn’t require any special equipment. You can, literally, do it anytime and anywhere!

Squats Will Help You Lose Fat

If you thought that squats will not be able to help you lose extra fat from all parts of your body, you were wrong! This exercise requires a lot of energy, which means that it will help you burn calories. In fact, you can easily calculate how many calories you will lose by doing the squats.

All you got to do is take your weight (in pounds) and multiply it by 0.096. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, the formula will be 150*0.096, which is 14.4. This means that in this case, the number of burned calories per minute is 14.4.

With all of this in mind,  squats will help you burn more calories than jogging, running, cycling, or any other aerobic activity. Squats are even better for fat burning than weight exercises as you can do more repetitions.

Squats Will Make You Look Hot

The last reason why you should do squats is the most important for a number of women. This exercise is guaranteed to make you look more attractive, as it’s focused primarily on your glutes. In fact, the squat is known as the ultimate exercise for a nice behind. If you want to get a firm, round butt, you need to do squats on a regular basis.

Apart from your glutes, the squats are bound to make your legs look better. Unlike many other leg exercises, squats will engage your quads and calf muscles. Having a nice behind, without having firm legs might look weird, which is why you must not skip squats. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do other exercises as well.

Some of them include lunges, planks, and of course, aerobics. Finally, you also need to take care of your diet, as all of this will be useless if you keep on munching on junk food and booze.

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