How To Get rid of Body Fat

Talking about body fat can be a depressing topic for many, especially if you are overweight.

There are a few times I have been overweight and it sucks! Fat jiggles, you feel terrible and worst of all it can cause health issues.

If you are someone that is carrying around some extra body fat, continue reading and I will share some tips with you on how you can begin to get rid of it.

In order to eliminate body fat, we need to understand.

How To Get rid of Body Fat

The body has three kinds of fat

Most people think fat is fat but its not… Fat is a little more sophisticated than that, so much so that if fat were that easy to understand most of us would not be carrying around the excess and would be able to keep it under control.

To be healthy we all need a certain amount of fat to survive, however, most of us carry around more than we need.

There are three types of body fat which are brown fat, white fat and visceral fat.

The two most common fat types are visceral “this is the fat that surrounds the organs” and subcutaneous fat “fat underneath the skin”.

A big misconception a lot of people have when it comes to losing body fat is that you can selectively get rid of it from specific areas (spot reduction) many supplement companies advertise that by using their supplements you can lose belly or stomach fat first, that is not true!

Women tend to accumulate fat around the thighs, buttocks, breasts and upper arms. Men, however,  gain it around the midsection stomach and waist,  inner thighs, and in some cases in the breast which is sometimes mistaken as Gynecomastia (man boobs).

When it comes to eliminating body fat you should think of it kind of like peeling an onion because fat comes off in layers.

Generally speaking, fat loss happens where it was first accumulated.

When women lose weight often their breasts become smaller before their stomach does, men will see weight loss in their face but still have a small spare tire around the waist.

Brown fat

Brown fat is totally different than white fat “subcutaneous fat” everyone has small amounts of brown fat, it was once thought that only babies had brown fat. However, this is not the case.

In 2009 researchers discovered small amounts of brown fat in adults, even more, interesting is the fact that concentrated amounts of brown fat were found in people with low BMI (body mass index).

One of the benefits of brown fat is that it has the potential to burn calories just like muscle can.

Brown fat is activated by cold and helps babies stay warm, babies don’t have the ability to shiver and brown fat seems to serve as an internal heating mechanism in the body.

The other odd thing is that brown fat can be found in the strangest places, but it’s not always present, common places where brown fat is found is in the neck and shoulder region, other studies have found brown fat in the chest and spinal area.

So, now that we know a little bit about the kinds of fat our body has, how do we eget rid of it?


Regardless of what diet you choose, eating healthy and eliminating high-calorie foods such as complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fatty or fried foods is the first step to eliminating body fat

Even if you only stick to eating well during the week there is nothing wrong with splurging a little on the weekend, just make sure you are back to eating healthy come Monday.


Any kind of exercise can help you burn calories, a brisk walk, yard work, and bicycling can help burn calories.

Weight training “strength resistance training “ is very effective for burning fat, lifting heavy weights is even better strength training helps increase muscle density, the more lean muscle you have the faster your body can metabolize body fat.

Intense weight training will increase muscle and will help burn fat much faster than spending hours walking or on a treadmill, not to mention it can have other benefits such improving mood, reduce stress, boost energy and can help increase HGH secretion.


There is no such thing as a miracle supplement to help you shed fat, however, fat burners can be very effective.

Fat burners by themselves will help suppress your appetite and burn extra calories, add proper diet and daily exercise you can burn fat quicker,

Taking a fat burner supplement alone can help eliminate 3 to 5 lbs of body fat per week.

Eliminating fat takes time

In most circumstances, fat accumulation is a gradual thing and usually sneaks up on us.

Depending on how much fat you have accumulated, it's better to take a slow approach to eliminate it, loosing too much fat too fast does not give the skin enough time to stretch back properly so it's best to pace yourself and expect to drop weight slowly, this can prevent issues of sagging body parts “ breasts and tummy”.


Most everyone I know has a certain amount of body fat that they would like to get rid of.

In order to make fat loss effective its always best to take a sensible approach and modify your diet, and incorporate some sort of exercise, accumulating body fat does not happen overnight, so just put forth some effort and before you know it you can look forward to a thinner you.

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